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I will be speaking at the Velocity Conference alongside my buddies and former co-workers Steve Souders and Bill Scott. The conference takes place on Monday, June 23 in Burlingame, CA. The topic of my presentation is High Performance Ajax Applications. I am also looking forward to attending all the other interesting talks.

Hope to see you all there!

4 thoughts on “Velocity Conference

  1. sunnybear

    I will look forward to learn fresh JavaScript optimization thoughts :)

  2. Bill Scott

    Excellent talk!

    A ton of material packed into 45 minutes :-)

  3. Jody Stocks

    Thoroughly enjoyed your talk - tons of great suggestions beyond what Yslow offers, thanks for sharing!

    If you have time for a short related question off-blog, please email me, thanks!

  4. Dave Johnson

    Just downloaded the slides and they are great - I can’t believe it was only a 45 minute talk!

    One comment would be about using onmousedown events - while it may be a bit faster than onclick, onclick is better for accessibility.

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