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SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard

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OS Compatibility Bright white at 8 levels Surface material/treatment
PC using 1 7, USB port, Windows XP, Vista There is absolutely no need to install applications of any kind in order to make utilize of the Apex. Including disabling of more and their windows key features will probably continue to work without software. But for its gamers who want very advanced customization choices and also for the experience, the Apex is encouraged by SteelSeries Engine technology. SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard Lumps on the W-key supplies a return to WASD. We wish to make sure you find the right path back to WASD, when you immediately have to type a note or implement a command.
Use via Heat Map display and moves Apex RAW
Media keys Apex is composed of non-toxic keys which bring beautiful form together and optimized role and slick lines. Independent Media Keys Adding 16.8 million color illumination in 5 separate zones and 8 degrees of intensity that you are able to configure otherwise for each of your macro coating, for infinite customization. 5 mill. keystrokes Superior Anti-Ghosting ✔
SteelSeries Apex is designed to offer you all. Enjoy 88 more ways to acquire with 2-2 keys each with the capacity of up to 4 layers. SteelSeries ActiveZone lighting produces 5 different shade zones, each effective at 16.8 millions colors for function and style. Includes extras like media keys that are separate USB hub, plus a corded rubber cable. The SteelSeries Apex gaming keyboard supports anti-ghosting for 20 keys positioned from the gaming are as on the keyboard. Out of these keys, consumers can press up to 6 of these allowing those key presses to register and without locking your keyboard.
5 mill. keystrokes Textured/Glossy 2 Independent networking and volume keys provide access to networking control. Disable Windows Key Superior Design

From the Maker

Through modifier key 20 frequent gaming secrets for
Up to 6 simultaneous keypresses. Layer Select Buttons The Apex features. This equates to 8-8 macros. Obviously, a lot of the keyboard is programmable making to get an enormous total of 504 keys.

6 keypresses of all 20 Anti-ghosting competent gaming secrets ✔
Dedicated Backlight colour ** Full SteelSeries Engine service on Windows & OSX. Linux service is limited by HID Keyboard, Windows Key toggling, and illumination brightness control. USB heart Endless number of profiles store and to Produce * SteelSeries Engine is the software package that forces both the Apex and Apex RAW. Its characteristics include and are limitless: SteelSeries Engine service *
Introducing the SteelSeries Apex, a gaming keyboard built to enable users proceed strategically to react immediately, and customize its performance. Beyond merely choosing from 16.8 Million colors, the Apex features SteelSeries ActiveZone light, an visual support tool permitting the user to individually customize each of its own 5 zones and from various macro layers.
  • Textured/Glossy
    ✔ Endless macro production 16.8 mill. At 8 levels
    ✔ View larger.
    W-key with bump 22
    Item Description Faster Go Back
    2 ports
    Windows, OS X, & Linux** Only hold down the SteelSeries primary and exploit the Windows key to disable it. This simple key combination enable and then will disable the windows key without needing applications or complicated menus. Macro layers
    SteelSeries Apex is intended to give you all you want and more. With style and sleek lines, the Apex leaves nothing to be desired. Enjoy 88 methods to acquire with 22 macro keys of upto 4 layers that are macro. SteelSeries Lively Zone light produces 5 separate colour zones, each effective at 16.8 millions colors for function and style. Set colors for every one your macro layers enabling one to not only recognize your present level faster, but also locate collections of keys. The Apex also includes a few extras like media keys that are separate, integrated USB hub, plus a corded nylon cable. 6 keypresses of all 20 antighosting capable gaming secrets
    Fastest Key Combinations Switch between macro layers easily and quickly because of 4 keys onto the upper left corner that allow one to pick your desired intermediate coating.

  • Rubber decoration keys Compare SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboards
    Macro keys Twist, Play, Win

  • System Requirements 4 Features
    Apex 88 More Way to Win SteelSeries Apex RAW delivers the essentials for victory and follows at the forefront of our RAW products. Adding vivid white illumination with 8 degrees of strength, the Apex RAW has 17 keys that are each capable of up to two layers. Flexible keyboard tilt

    Brilliant Illumination
      Two angles (7 deg & 10 deg) Windows, OS X, & Linux** High-profile keys The keys above the F-keys include a design that enable one execute combinations that are important and to discover them looking. Only swipe your finger from the macro key onto the F-key for fast key combinations.
      Complete button remapping Two angles (7 deg & 10 deg)

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