Duck Brand 1304965 Color Duct Tape, Brown, 1.88 Inches x 20 Yards, Single Roll

By Duck
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Product Description

When using Duck Tape, if the traditional silver or one of those rainbow of Duck color tapes, all surfaces must be clean and free of dirt or dust prior to putting any tape on them. You are going to wish to dust on the surface and then wipe down the area with rubbing alcohol. Yet, rubbing alcohol can dull certain surfaces, therefore decide to try it before applying on a scale that is massive. From industrial-strength to general purpose, and classic gray to groovy tie-dye, Duck brand duct tape will come in several shapes, strengths, and colors.

Create lasting and exceptionally creative arts and
crafts endeavors using Duck Tape

  • Excellent for organizing repairs, color-coding substances, style, crafting, and creative projects
  • High performance strength and adhesion features
  • Tears easily by hand without curling and conforms to uneven surfaces
  • Duck Tape Could Be Interesting
    So how did this tacky wonder come about? This was World War II and there was a demand for a flexible, durable tape that could seal canisters, repair windows that are cracked, repair trucks, and also allow the war effort. A division of the Johnson and Johnson Company, permacell, awakened for the challenge. Utilizing medical tape as being a base, two technologies that were new were implemented by them. Polycoat mats gave the tape its own stick and plastic coating let them counter the tape to a cloth backing, making it extremely powerful and flexible. The resulting tape was nick named"Duck Tape" for its power to repel water, while ripping readily into strands for fast suitable use.

    Manco, Inc. also started to shrinkwrap and tag the product, making it much easier to stack for retailers, and simpler to distinguish various levels for clients.

    Almost everybody has a Duck Tape narrative to tell praising its strength and versatility. Duck Brand duct tape has a vast range of software, both traditional and non invasive, and it is now available in a large number of colors and patterns, which makes it more useful than ever! As a result of its durability and adhesive properties, you may utilize Color Duck Tape for any job, for example household and auto-repairs --a flexible and weather proof bond is necessary. Color Duck Tape is wonderful for coordinating materials, color-coding and identification, craft applications, and much more. This high quality tape is cotton mesh reinforced, but still easy to rip! Duck Tape adheres to equally uneven and eloquent surfaces, and can be used on materials such as vinyl, cloth, plastic and leather - alloy and laminates. Duck Tape is very good for any repairs - anywhere!

    Duck Tape Rose

    Duck Tape Wallet

    Duck Tape Book-cover

    Duck Tape Fabric

    After the war the tape was placed to the civilian utilization of ducts together. So the product shifted from a nameless army green tape to the familiar gray duct tape.

    Select from a broad variety of vivid colors or wild Duck Tape prints

    Over 50 years after the invention, Duck tape comes in over 20 colors and can be well known by its own followers for having a nearly endless amount of uses. What's Going to occur to Duck Tape? What advancements in Duck Tape tech will probably be made? Only time will tell. Click on a project on the left for directions.

    The Annals of Duck Tape
    Duct tape has adhered itself so well to American culture which it's become more than a roll of tape. It's a lasting emblem of most in this world that's functional.

    It's possible to use Duck Tape for pleasure, durable and wildly creative arts and crafts project. Choose from the wide range of vivid colors or crazy Duck Tape Colours. Try a Duck Tape Wallet, or Flower, and sometimes go out and combine students across America making Duck Tape prom-dresses.

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